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Salon Quality -

Hair care formulated for you. Not Everyone.

TOR products are formulated specifically by hair type, to tackle their unique needs - not for mass appeal. Made in the USA.

What's Your Hair Type?

Fine / Thin

Fine / Thin

Medium / Thick

Medium / Thick



Not sure where to start?

Longer Lasting -


TOR's innovative formulas let's you create amazing looks, while remaining soft to the touch.

HD Curl Cream


Pump Hair Spray for All hair types


Perfect Hold Pump Mousse for All Hair Types


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- Results Driven -

Body + Skin

Body + Skin products formulated for results with clean ingredients. Backed by science.

Tobacco & Bay Leaf Goat Milk Soap


Natural Lip Balm


Oatmeal Goat Milk Soap



Truly Effective -


TOR CBD products are made in the USA, from FDA approved producers, and contain significantly more CBD that typical products, making TOR CBD more effective.

- Best Selling -

Featured Items

Conditioner for Medium/Thick Hair


HD Curl Cream


Co-Wash for Curly Hair


Conditioner for Fine/Thin Hair


Gel 2.0


Co-Wash for Medium/Thick Hair





I stopped washing my hair, for almost a year, because I wanted to feel my natural hair. TOR's Medium/Thick line are the only products that actually leave my hair feeling truly natural.

Pro Innovation -

Naturally derived, backed by science.

TOR is taking a different approach to hair + body products - we don't compromise, and we don't ask our customers to. That's why we started with 3 hair care lines based on the specific needs of each hair type.

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TOR Professionals -

Salons + Stylists

TOR Salon Products was started by a haircare industry veteran, with a strong understanding of stylist and salons challenges, and over a decade helping salons formulate products for their clients.

Our Salon + Stylist program supports our salon partners and their stylists, with an open door, and a focus on innovative.



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