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Salon Quality -

Hair care formulated for you. Not Everyone.

TOR products are formulated specifically by hair type, to tackle their unique needs - not for mass appeal. Made in the USA.

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Longer Lasting -


TOR's innovative formulas let's you create amazing looks, while remaining soft to the touch.

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- Results Driven -

Body + Skin

Body + Skin products formulated for results with clean ingredients. Backed by science.


Truly Effective -


TOR CBD products are made in the USA, from FDA approved producers, and contain significantly more CBD that typical products, making TOR CBD more effective.

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Pro Innovation -

Naturally derived, backed by science.

TOR is taking a different approach to hair + body products - we don't compromise, and we don't ask our customers to. That's why we started with 3 hair care lines based on the specific needs of each hair type.

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TOR Professionals -

Salons + Stylists

TOR Salon Products was started by a haircare industry veteran, with a strong understanding of stylist and salons challenges, and over a decade helping salons formulate products for their clients.

Our Salon + Stylist program supports our salon partners and their stylists, with an open door, and a focus on innovative.



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