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Styling Milk for Medium/Thick Hair


TOR Styling Milk for Medium/Thick hair is designed to provide maximum styling versatility. It can help create any desired style while keeping a natural look and movement. Styling Milk works equally well for diffusing to create natural waves or a beach look, increasing volume, or smoothing straight hair. This all-in-one styling provides all the benefits of a cream with the control of the gel and the definition of a mousse in a cream base.


TOR's Medium/Thick Line has been specifically formulated to address the unique needs of medium density and thick hair, creating shine, protecting, and moisturizing, without added weight. The end result is silky, soft, manageable hair.

Luxe Lather

Luxe Lather



Easier Styling

Easier Styling

Medium/Thick Shower Bundle
Medium/Thick Shower Bundle


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