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Don't settle for generic hair products that treat everyone the same. Embrace your unique hair type and unlock its full potential with our specialized formulations. Experience the difference!

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TOR's products embody an unwavering commitment to professional-grade quality. Stemming from years of on-the-ground salon experience and informed by deep scientific insight, they are engineered to meet diverse hair care needs effectively. We ensure that every product genuinely delivers on its promise without compromising on safety or integrity. That's what we mean by "no half-measures".


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Money-back guarantee

We believe in our products. If you’re not satisfied with your first few washes, or you don’t find our products work for you, we’ll buy it back. No hassles. Just pay return shipping and we’ll refund your purchase. Refunds are up to our discretion. Contact us if you have questions about your specific scenario.

Shipping Policy

We want to get everyone their orders as soon as possible and make our best effort to do so. Orders placed after 12 pm (Mountain Time) Monday - Thursday, will ship the following morning. Orders placed after 11 pm (Mountain Time) on Friday will ship the following Monday. The shipping companies in our town aren't open past noon on Friday. We appreciate your patience.

What is Dimethicone?

99% of Shampoos and Conditioners on the market are basically the same. They all use the same conditioning ingredient: Dimethicone. This ingredient builds up on the hair, resulting in the need to wash often while making hair harder to style. I know it's crazy, right? Why would a brand make it harder to clean and style hair? Because it is cheap. Here at TOR, we don't use Dimethicone. By removing the ingredient, you can increase the time between washes. Our bodies simply cannot create enough oil in a day to make hair look greasy... that's all the build-up you are seeing. We introduce ingredients that condition without the build-up and provide a natural feel when your hair dries.

Why are alcohol's in conditioners?

This answer needs to start with a bit of understanding of organic chemistry nomenclature. Organic chemistry names the site of a molecule that can be functional, in this case, alcohol. All the term alcohol means to a chemist is that the molecule contains an alcohol group (-OH). So, as an example, ethanol is an alcohol that we can drink and is slightly drying. Another alcohol is cholesterols but trust me these are not drying but are moisturizing. In conditioners, we typically use cetyl or stearyl alcohol. Both of these alcohols are waxes (solid and white) at room temperature and they are used to build the cream based structure of the conditioner. These alcohols are also use in hand moisturizers but for some reason consumer are under the misconception that in conditioners they dry you out.

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