At TOR, we believe in using a combination of new, innovative technologies along with time-tested proven technologies to create the best hairstyle possible: safely, effectively and with unsurpassed performance.


We believe that consumers do not need to sacrifice volume for moisture and vice-versa. At TOR, we have found a way to provide the best of both worlds. By formulating for hair type, we are able to tailor formulation technologies to provide moisture, strength, volume, smoothing and color protection. In addition, our formulations provide natural feeling hair, which is manageable, style-able and restyle-able.


We strive to ensure that everyone can use our products without sacrificing experience or style. We screen  all ingredients for safety, irritation potential and potential for build-up. Because of this screening, we can eliminate potentially harmful ingredients from our formulations. By avoiding ingredients with high potential for build-up we ensure that the experience is consistent every wash and style. 



We strongly believe in leveraging innovative technologies to create the best experience for the consumer. 

The ingredients in our formulations have synergistic, scientific relationships which are amplified by our blending technology to give amazing results.

TOR cleansing blend technology removes oil, environmental pollution and styling residue while preparing hair for the conditioner.

TOR conditioning blend technology provides deep moisturization, volume, excellent wet detangling, increased color protection and increased style creation capabilities without build-up that will weigh hair down.


We researched extensively how to formulate the "just out of the salon look" every day. Our shampoo and conditioner formulations work together to give the customer the most luxurious results. 

All of our shampoos contain a conditioning ingredient called a polyampholyte: a material that prepares the hair for our conditioner and makes the conditioner more efficacious. Our conditioner, in turn, contains technology which helps create better style longevity. This approach ensures that we are thinking holistically about our customers' hair needs. Our products are truly designed to work together to maximize hair health, style creation and style longevity.