“In my opinion, luxury is a product that is beautiful, elegant and represents the culture. It’s born of love. Luxurious products should have the ability to grasp people’s hearts, and it is love that makes products survive. I hope people are buying my dresses because they love them, not because they want to show off.”- Guo pei


TOR was created by Shannon Tor after working for years as a product developer in Research & Development for multiple large beauty brands. He received his degree in analytical chemistry in 1996 and fell in love with the beauty industry when he landed a job with a personal care company. He has developed products for almost twenty years and has won nine beauty awards for his developments. His passion is what drove him to create TOR. 

Shannon decided to take the skills he learned to create a brand that would change the way women think about hair care and approached the brand from a different perspective. Scientists have developed and tested hair care products on different hair types for years. Yet every product on the market was telling the consumer of the end benefit (i.e. Moisture, Volume, etc). "We knew that if he developed the products for the hair types: Fine/Thin, Medium/Thick and Curly we could provide consumers multiple benefits (Moisture + Volume+ Style). Addressing one benefit, as it was done in the past, assumes that everyone is the same and that everyone's hair is the same."


At TOR we know that every woman is different and we embrace that uniqueness to create the best experience and style possible.

TOR was created to give women the best possible hair every day, without compromise. We temper our spend on marketing and sales, unlike the big companies. Instead we invest our money in creating the best performing products possible. We do this based on time-tested scientific assessments of our products and the performance on hair. 

We strongly believe in educating our customers because an educated consumer makes better decisions. We don't talk about magic oils or fairy dust, we teach people how to interpret the meaning behind ingredients and technologies so they can make informed decisions about what they are putting in their hair and how it will work for them. In time, we will have dedicate pages to both "Hair Science" and a "blog". In these sections you can start to read about the science behind hair care.