TOR/Rockstyles by Ellyse & Anti-Static Styling Spray

As most of you know, we pride ourselves on creating amazing products that are unique and work with unsurpassed performance. Well, this is the first product we have created with influence from one of our salon partners, Rockstyles by Ellyse. We have been working with Rockstyles for almost two years now. Ellyse and Bruce brought TOR a product they could no longer get, but they loved for volume and texture. TOR did some digging and found an ingredient that provides not only the volume, but also reduces static.  The idea of partnering with Salons to create a styling spray that provide a natural hair feel while increasing volume and reducing static is what TOR strives to deliver on a regular basis.

What’s your product idea and how can we partner to turn that idea into reality? 


IMG_2363 (1)_clipped_rev_1.png

It’s September here in Chicago so we don’t have static issue yet but we will be ready with TOR Anti-Static Styling Spray.


I would like to thank Bruce and Ellyse for their continued support.




At TOR we are always on the lookout for new interesting technologies that we can turn into amazing products for our salons and salon customers. Please send me a note if you have a product that you can’t live without; you never know whom we will get the next great idea from.


Shannon Tor

TOR Salon & Spa Products LLC