Thank You Simply Shaunacey!!!!!!!

We are very excited to announce our first independent blog review that was recently posted by one of the top mommy bloggers, Simply Shaunacey.  One of the reasons we reached out to Shaunacey was because we felt that she was in a similar situation as we were, a young family making a go at doing something you believe in.  She knows what kind of effort goes into running your own business.  

You can check out her review by following the link below:  

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After working in the corporate world for so long, it is quite eye-opening when you realize how important it is for small businesses to rely on honest reviews and word of mouth to help promote the products we put our heart and soul into.  

While it never gets old to hear how much someone loves your product, it's equally important that other people know how much you love our products.  One of the best ways to do that is through writing reviews and sharing them. 

Thank you so much, Shaunacey for your fabulous review and for helping us to get the word out on our products.

The Tor Family