New fragrances. Woo Hoo!

Did you know that from a consumer perspective one of the most important aspects of any hair care product is the fragrance? As such, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting fragrances. The funny thing is, scientists get just as excited as customers about new fragrances.  We love smelling new ones just like everyone else. We also love trying to predict which ones will be most liked by customers.


TOR just received a goodie box from one of our fragrance suppliers with all the new trend fragrances for the year.



Oh boy...these smell amazing

Shannon Tor

TOR/Rockstyles by Ellyse & Anti-Static Styling Spray

As most of you know, we pride ourselves on creating amazing products that are unique and work with unsurpassed performance. Well, this is the first product we have created with influence from one of our salon partners, Rockstyles by Ellyse. We have been working with Rockstyles for almost two years now. Ellyse and Bruce brought TOR a product they could no longer get, but they loved for volume and texture. TOR did some digging and found an ingredient that provides not only the volume, but also reduces static.  The idea of partnering with Salons to create a styling spray that provide a natural hair feel while increasing volume and reducing static is what TOR strives to deliver on a regular basis.

What’s your product idea and how can we partner to turn that idea into reality? 


IMG_2363 (1)_clipped_rev_1.png

It’s September here in Chicago so we don’t have static issue yet but we will be ready with TOR Anti-Static Styling Spray.


I would like to thank Bruce and Ellyse for their continued support.




At TOR we are always on the lookout for new interesting technologies that we can turn into amazing products for our salons and salon customers. Please send me a note if you have a product that you can’t live without; you never know whom we will get the next great idea from.


Shannon Tor

TOR Salon & Spa Products LLC

Exciting new for anti-aging

This is very exciting news in the world of anti-aging. Telomeres are small pieces of DNA at the end of each chromosome. Each time the chromosome is replicated (i.e., cells reproduce) it is shortened. Once the telomere piece becomes too short the cell dies off. This could be the beginning of truly slowing the aging process.


Now you know,



Grumbling Grace is grumbling about TOR a great way!

You may recall our post from April 30th when we proudly announced our first independent blog review from Simply Shaunacey?!  Well, it happened again and we couldn't be more excited about it!  

Grumbling Grace is another top mommy blogger who was introduced to us by Simply Shaunacey and was kind enough to try out our Medium/Thick formula.  Check out her review by following the link below and be sure to follow the instructions for entering into our free giveaway.  Not one, but THREE winners will be chosen for one exclusive shampoo and conditioner set from each of our lines. 

Thank you Grumbling Grace for such a great review!


New Product Launch - TOR Leave-in Conditioning Spray

TOR is excited to announce the launch of the first product in our Styling Range, our Leave-In Conditioning Spray, S-1.  This versatile style creator harnesses 18-methyl eicosanoic acid (18-MEA), the most abundant and important lipid in the hair, to deliver exceptional detangling (wet or dry), conditioning, heat protection, frizz control and shine.  

What are you waiting for?  Order yours today!

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Hair color and Fading

We are sharing this article as it's an excellent description of how and why permanent color fades. I'll give you the punch line....Water causes more fading they any other single ingredient in a formulation. Most consumers are tricked, by marketing, to believe it's a "sulfate" that causes hair color to fade. Guess what, surfactants (sulfates and all others) work based on the creations of micelles which are too large to enter the hair shaft where the permanent dye is deposited. Make sure to read the section on "color fade culprits". I have known Trefor for years and I love to see this type of work released for stylist and consumers to learn.




Thank You Simply Shaunacey!!!!!!!

We are very excited to announce our first independent blog review that was recently posted by one of the top mommy bloggers, Simply Shaunacey.  One of the reasons we reached out to Shaunacey was because we felt that she was in a similar situation as we were, a young family making a go at doing something you believe in.  She knows what kind of effort goes into running your own business.  

You can check out her review by following the link below:  

You can also follow her on twitter at:


After working in the corporate world for so long, it is quite eye-opening when you realize how important it is for small businesses to rely on honest reviews and word of mouth to help promote the products we put our heart and soul into.  

While it never gets old to hear how much someone loves your product, it's equally important that other people know how much you love our products.  One of the best ways to do that is through writing reviews and sharing them. 

Thank you so much, Shaunacey for your fabulous review and for helping us to get the word out on our products.

The Tor Family

A Special Thank You and Welcome To Our House Salons

We wanted to take a moment to send a special thank you to those salons who have joined the TOR Salon Products family.  We are grateful for the opportunity you have given us to work with you and are so excited about our future together.  

Bliss Salon of Winnetka

JD Michael Studio

Salon Luxe

Serenity Salon

Studio M

TOR website goes live

We are very excited to launch our website on 11/03/15. We plan on providing a balance of cosmetic science along with product information. Stay tuned for more info.